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Cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes

Buy all your cardboard tubes from Kartonnage Joye. Super sturdy, made to order, and always delivered within seven days of your order.

Kartonnage Joye has a wide range of cardboard tubes that entirely meet the needs of your industry and expertise.

We produce two types: straight and spiral-welded cardboard tubes, with both being suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our customers mainly operate in the steel, textile, plastics and paper/cardboard industries.

50+ years of experience

Kartonnage Joye boasts over five decades of experience as a manufacturer of cardboard tubes. Our company has obtained ISO certification and complies with the leading standards.

Our core values have remained unchanged since the start: we strive to offer excellent quality, with ultimate flexibility, guaranteeing fast service and just-in-time deliveries. As a rule, we can deliver your order within 7 days but your order can also be supplied within 24 hours if necessary.

In any event, you can rest assured that we will supply you with versatile, custom-made cardboard tubes without ever compromising on quality. Our team of experts personally guarantee this. They produce custom tubes adapted to your unique needs, with ultra-modern, innovative machines.

We are also able to offer competitive prices by making optimum use of raw materials and reducing material waste to a minimum.

Our cardboard tubes, always made to order

Kartonnage Joye always makes a point of supplying cardboard tubes of the highest quality. That is our mission, and we are proud of it. We treat every order – including yours – with the utmost care.

We produce custom cardboard tubes to your specifications and for your applications, using state-of-the-art machines and robotics. Once all the specifications have been clearly defined, we produce a prototype. We then test it in-house for quality and finish to ensure it is hard-wearing. Finally, we provide you with samples so that you can test them in your own real-life production environment.

Our products are designed for maximum flexibility in terms of diameter, thickness and length

Ensuring they match your unique requirements, wishes and needs.

Buy all your cardboard tubes from Kartonnage Joye. Super sturdy, made to order, and always delivered within seven days of your order.

Various dimensions

1.    Diameter

Inner diameter is one of the main criteria when choosing the right cardboard tube. We supply cardboard tubes in a wide range of diameters,

including smaller sizes from 21 mm to a whopping 720 mm inner diameter, and everything in between, of course. 😊

But what makes us so unique? Our exceptional price/quality ratio and top-notch service and flexibility! Because at Kartonnage Joye, we go to great lengths to offer our customers the best possible service.

2.    Thickness

The thickness of a cardboard tube depends on how you will be using it: what will you be packing or wrapping on our tubes? In general, the thickness of our tubes ranges between 1.5 and 30 mm. This means we can produce very thin and very thick tubes.

A lesser thickness is recommended if strength is not the main requirement or if you want to save on weight, which of course has an impact on the price. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

3.    Length

The length of our cardboard tubes varies hugely and depends on what the customer wants and needs. We offer standard lengths of up to 6 m in length, but more is also possible if necessary.

You choose the right length based on your specific needs and our expert advice.

Have you found the information you need about our cardboard tubes?

Do you also need cardboard corner protectors to protect and safely transport your valuable products? In that case, our subsidiary Kartonnage Joye in Poland has just what you need.

Contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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